Search Google Scholar using a bookmarklet

This bookmarklet* allows you to search Google Scholar, one of the leading search engines for academic manuscripts and publications.

To use it, you simply highlight some text in your browser and click the bookmarklet, and the next thing you know you’re looking at a Scholar page with the highlighted text as a search query.

I wanted to simply give you a link that you drag to your bar, but WordPress won’t allow JavaScript in links.

So, there are two options left to get the bookmarklet:

  1. Go to this web page and grab the bookmarklet from there.
  2. Create a new bookmark in your browser, give is whatever name you’d like (I use Search Scholar) and paste the following in the bookmark address (note this might be an older version of the bookmarklet):

*If you don’t know what a bookmarket is, you should RTFM it right now, seriously.


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